Work on the Restoration House Continues

Thanks in part to a new summer intern at Bryson City UMC (can anyone say free labor?), ideas floating in the ether have been set to paper concerning Restoration House. Specifically there has been a desire for a walk-through labyrinth in the lawn behind RH. The walls of the labyrith (the green rectangles in the drawing below) will be gardens, both vegetable gardens and flower gardens. In the center of the labyrinth is a cross, and although details haven’t been solidified it will serve as the centerpiece for reflection and meditation. At the foot of the cross there will be a campfire and seating for (hopefully!) 30-40 people.


The design for the garden beds is shown below. It will be made of 2×6’s and 2×2’s, measuring three feet across, 12 feet long, and either 18 or 24 inches tall.

Garden Boxes

The benches will be made out of 4×4 posts (for permanent benches) with 2 2×6 boards for seats, or with 2×6 boards for legs (for moveable benches). Either style will be designed such that they can be retrofitted with backs, shown in the lower photo, if deemed necessary.